My Art Awards

I have recently discovered my new love for art! I've been "seriously" drawing since I was in fifth grade, which was when I got my first sketchbook. But even though I've been drawing for that long, I didn't realize that I could draw portraits until late last year.

This year, I won two awards. The first was from the Miami Youth Fair. I drew a portrait of a woman with HB pencils as a project grade for my art class. My teacher submitted it to the fair, and it was accepted to be displayed among thousands of other art exhibits. I won third place and received a beautiful purple ribbon that is now hanging in my room (my first ever ribbon!).

I received the second award from the Florida Art Education Association. I drew another portrait (this time a self-portrait) with colored pencils. My teacher submitted it into an online contest, and I was one of the people that won the "Award of Excellence with Distinction".

I'm not sure where this sudden burst of artistic success came from, but all I can do is praise and thank God for it!

"He has filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills —to make artistic designs..." -Exodus 35:31-32


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