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Grandma Dotty: Shocking Summer is a funny and dramatic book. The main character, Lily, had planned an exciting summer vacation filled with activities. Then, Lily found out that her grandmother was coming to spend the summer with the family, she started to doubt whether her summer vacation would go on as planned.

 What will happen to her summer vacation? Will the arrival of Grandma Dotty shatter the plans for the summer? Will her skepticism about her grandmother be proven true or false? Will there be a common ground between Lily and her grandma? The best way to find out is to read the book.

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Kimbriah's Bio

Born in 2003, in Hollywood, Florida, Kimbriah Alfrenar is a talented high school student, who has been passionate about reading since she was three years old. She reads three to five books a week, often checking her parents’ schedules (or chasing them down!) to find out about their availability to take her to the library. Kimbriah enjoys Bible stories, but also adventure books and folktales. Her interest in writing was born from her love of reading, particularly since her school assignments and essays were often used as models in class, where she paid close attention to both her teachers’ praise and their constructive criticism. In fifth grade, she started a book series geared toward young children. In 2016, she published the first Grandma Dotty book and she’s currently finishing the second book in the series. Kimbriah is a current member of the Florida Young Writers Association, and she is looking forward to continuing to explore her adventure.


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